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PostHeaderIcon Using Hypnosis To Help With Weight Loss

Using hypnosis to help with weight loss

Hypnosis which is sometimes referred to as hypnotherapy is a psychological process where an individual puts great focus on her/his physical attributes for example weight accompanied with concentration. As almost everything originates from the mind (psychology), if carefully done with the help of a therapist or without, hypnosis can be used effectively and efficiently in alleviating the extra kilos/calories from the body in the following ways:-

Imagine the new look in you, size and health; by imagining the new body you want will greatly lead to weight loss. Imagine yourself looking beautiful or handsome and how the various design clothes will fit you. This will in no time start bearing fruits of weight loss as the mind is the main tool in many body processes. “What you think is what you are,” imagine yourself slimmer and indeed you will be. Imagine of the body size and health, you will have it.

Think of reaching the desired weight with or without effort; sometimes many people may indulge in weight loss but at the end of the day achieve little or none. This is because their psychology is working against their efforts. By imagining of attaining the desired weight and focusing on it throughout will ultimately help in weight loss without any effort.

Imagining of the confidence you will attain after hypnosis; by concentrating on the confidence and the energy that you will acquire from the whole process will go along way in losing weight through hypnosis. Imagine of that good looking u! Think of slimmer you, confident and energized in front of people as this will finally enhance weight loss.

Using hypnosis to help with weight loss may involve thinking about unhealthy feeding and how this will hinder you from attaining your goals. When a craving for unhealthy foods especially those with high level of sugars and fats (saturated category) crops up, think of not attaining the goals that you had set out. This will automatically make you avoid these foods hence attaining the desired weight. This can also involve eating when not hungry. Imagine on how this will deter you from attaining the goals of weight loss and you will stop it.

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What is self hypnosis?

Self hypnosis or Auto hypnosis is a form of self induced hypnosis, which mainly uses the self-suggestion technique for making one more yielding than usual. Self hypnosis is deliberately used in modern Hypnotherapy. It is usually carried on by the means of gradually learned routine. Self Hypnosis allows one to make use of the hidden potential within them. It helps in managing depression, obesity, skin conditions, anxiety and sleeping disorders.

Some ingredients for self Hypnosis:

This is one of the prime ingredient because the lack of motivation will render practicing self hypnosis difficult for the person. One needs strong will and grim need to practice hypnosis.

One should be fully relaxed while performing hypnosis. This art needs total attention so all external distractions should be detached.

One need to concentrate completely as each time you concentrate your mind on an image energy is generated.

This is one of the optional part. It is needed if you want to achieve a desired goal. The individual should direct their concentration on the specific goal by visualizing the anticipated result.

Most of the patient who lacks self-esteem or are stressed can use use self-hypnosis technique to enhance relaxation and boost up their self-esteem. Once the patient reaches the hypnotic state the hypnotherapist can easily communicate the message to patient allowing them to relax and fortify the process.

Other than inducing self-esteem, it can also help in protecting immune system against the ill effects of the stress. A research at Ohio State University found that students performing self-hypnosis during stressed exam time showed stronger immune system in compared to other student who didn’t practiced or learned this technique.

Mastering this practice can help in improving concentration, memory, can enhance problem solving skills, improves headaches and helps in controlling emotions more precisely.

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Self – Hypnosis – Can it Work For You?

From men and women who’ve been slaves to cigarettes for far too long to those who’ve been in an uphill battle with weight loss or stress, more and more people are turning to self-hypnosis to help them get their lives back on track. While in-office hypnosis can be very costly, many certified hypnotists have created self-hypnosis CD’s for those who can’t afford the high office fees. An added benefit to the cost is being able to conquer your problems from the comfort of your own living room.

So what is self-hypnosis and how does self – Hypnosis work? Well, self-hypnosis is a hypnotism program that allows you to get a professional hypnosis session without ever leaving your front door. Through soothing reaffirming words the programs help your body reach a relaxed state of subconscious awareness. While programs range from weight loss to stress relief and more, let’s use a stop-smoking program as our example.
Many times people will try to quit smoking repeatedly be it through a nicotine patch, gum or just going cold turkey. If you’ve tried over and over to quit to no avail and are skeptical about something like self-hypnosis — don’t be. You see, when you start smoking, your brain actually begins to believe that it needs nicotine to function normally. Through self- hypnosis, you can re-train your brain to function without cigarettes, to nix cravings and to do it all stress free.

If you are looking to make a positive change in your life, self-hypnosis could be for you. Through its methods you can conquer your problem areas and become a healthier, happier you in the process. Now that’s an offer you can’t refuse! These are some information about self hypnosis and these latest information will help you a lot to live peacefully.