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PostHeaderIcon Audio Hypnotherapy Weight Loss

Audio Hypnotherapy is really popular for different physical and psychological circumstances. AudioHypnotherapy for weight loss has been utilized with success for a while. It’s among the mind re-programming strategies that facilitate weight loss.

Hypnotherapy is commonly conducted by a trained pro who knows how to bring on the hypnotic frames of mind and who likewise knows how to help one to emerge from these deeply relaxed states entirely which is as important.

Hypnotherapy likewise may be conducted with the help of a professionally recorded audio that not only provides sounds to bring on the desired relaxed states but likewise includes directed steps and mental imagery including positive self-suggestions therefore providing a complete hypnotherapy session.

While prepacked audios may be very effective it may be much more effective if you author your own self-suggestions so they’ll feel right to you. For this purposes you are able to utilize audio files with binaural beats that are particular for your purpose – in this case for slimming down or listen to sounds that bring on Alpha-level state.

These are the states of consciousness where the witting mind is in “non-active” state so promptings may bypass the conscious mind and get directly etched into the subconscious mind.

This means that there will be no over-analyzing or doubting attitude or critiques that are innate to the witting mind.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss isn’t a magic wand. It simply helps to program your brain in a way that it becomes simpler for you to stick with a healthy diet and work out on a regular basis.

It may likewise help eliminate self-sabotaging demeanors, help reduce the cravings for unhealthful food, help better the self-image and self-regard but ultimately it’s you who needs to stick with the correct diet and work out regime.

Hypnotherapy and additional mind-training strategies just make it much simpler to stick with what is correct for you so you’ll accomplish your elemental weight loss goal.

PostHeaderIcon Conquer Addiction With Hypnosis

An addiction can take control of a person’s life. For example a successful man who is an alcoholic can lose everything including his business, family and reputation because of the devastating affects of his alcohol addiction. Alcohol is just one of many debilitating addictions that can affect our lives. Others include tobacco, prescription medication, food, recreational drugs or even sex. When a person is under the power of an addiction, that addiction controls their work relationships, personal relationships and so much more.

A person that is addicted to something is hindering and limiting their life. To live without addiction is to experience life as it should be, as we are born. There are several reasons why a person may become addicted to something. Some of the reasons include poor self esteem, a traumatic experience, stress or simple old bad judgment. If you are addicted to something, I am sure you have tried to regain control of your life and end the vicious cycle. For some people this is easy, but for many others, it’s a desperate fight that seems to go on and on.

Hypnosis is an effective way to conquer addiction. The process of hypnosis is safe, gentle and extremely rewarding. Hypnosis works on a subconscious level. While a person is undergoing hypnosis they are induced into a deep state of relaxation. The subconscious mind is highly receptive to new perspectives and ideas during this sate of deep relation. The subconscious mind will receive positive suggestions that have an individual visualize a life without addiction. During the visualization process the individual is able to “feel” how great a life without addiction is and this can be extremely profound.

While an individual is in the process of hypnosis the individual is given encouragement, motivation, confidence building statements and a definite plant to conquer addiction. The positive suggestions that the subconscious mind receives causes the individual to change their negative behavior and thinking patterns. It is because of this change that a person is able to conquer their addiction.

Hypnosis alleviates both stress and anxiety, calming the nerves, the mind and the whole body. People who have undergone hypnosis have greater confidence and increased self esteem. If you want to conquer your addiction and turn your goals into reality I recommend, as a practicing hypnotherapist, that you seek out the services of a qualified hypnotherapist in your area. Hypnosis can help you to conquer your addiction and live a happier, healthier and more rewarding life.

PostHeaderIcon Quit Smoking With Hypnosis

Quitting smoking really is a necessity at this point in history, because smoking cigarettes has been banned from restaurants and other public places. And in fact, it is definitely the intelligent thing to do for more reasons than good health alone. This editorial explores the very best hypnosis and NLP methods that can be used to make it as painless as possible to break the addiction to cigarettes.

There are 3 individual parts to the addiction to smoking cigarettes. Two of the elements are mental, and only one part is physical.


When you were an infant and you got restless, your mother would put a nipple into your mouth to pacify you. You would get distracted, become calmer, and often go to sleep. That scenario was repeated many, many times so that your unconscious mind was programmed: When something goes into your mouth, you get relaxation and pleasure from it.

Now that you are a grownup, if you feel anxious or tense, you crave something in your mouth for relaxation and pleasure – a smoke!


Remember Pavlov? He rang a bell every time that he fed his dogs. After a few repetitions, all he had to do was to ring the bell, and that would trigger the dogs to salivate.

When you associate smoking with any other action, the other action will trigger cravings for a cigarette and an urge to light up a cigarette. This is called a conditioned response.

For example: If you smoke when you see someone else smoking, you will automatically get an urge to smoke each time you see someone else smoking.

Here is exactly how this conditioned response gets programmed into your unconscious: If a person smokes a cigarette and simultaneously drinks a cup of coffee, the mind takes a snapshot of the cigarette in the hand, and ties it to the cup of coffee. Thereafter, every time the person has a cup of coffee, his unconscious mind fills in the missing part of the picture. It flashes an image of a cigarette, and the smoker gets a craving for a cigarette.

You may be unaware of the mental picture of the cigarette, because it may only be at the unconscious level of mind. Just as you are unaware of what you are seeing through your peripheral vision until something or someone draws your attention to it. But the image is there, creating a craving for a cigarette.


I’ve worked face-to-face with several thousand smokers and I give you my guarantee that the physical addiction to tobacco is the weakest part of the smoking addiction. In fact, I believe that it is only ten percent of the addiction to tobacco. I believe that 90% of the addiction are the mental and emotional parts! (Parts A and B).


When you eliminate the feeling of tension that pushes a smoker to smoke a cigarette to create relaxation and pleasure (Part A) . . . and when you erase the conditioned response of feeling compulsions for cigarettes when having a cup of coffee, driving, or finishing a meal, etc. (Part B) . . . then you can give up tobacco without needing willpower, and without having to suffer from withdrawal symptoms or weight-gain.

Hypnotism can help trigger a smoker to stop smoking. Hypnosis will make it easy to give up tobacco because it takes care of Parts A & B! Here is how:

Part A is where smokers light-up a cigarette for relaxation and pleasure. It’s your thoughts which create feelings of stress. More to the point, people persistently run mental movies in their mind’s eye. If the movie is negative, it causes a feeling of stress.

We can use different NLP and Hypnosis methods to program the subconscious mind to quickly and easily take those stress producing mental images, and quickly exchange them for relaxation producing mental pictures and movies. This instills relaxation and pleasure, and eliminates the stress that triggers the oral urges and compulsions for a cigarette.

Because of the elimination of tension, the smoker who is quitting does not experience the compulsion or need to substitute food in place of the cigarettes. So quitting without weight gain is possible.

Part B is where smokers light-up because smoking becomes a conditioned response to many different activities and locations. Remember in the earlier example how smoking became unconsciously associated with other activities and environments so that each time you get into that activity or environment, the mind flashes an image of a cigarette, and the image of the cigarette triggers an urge to light-up?

There are stop smoking hypnosis, and quit smoking NLP techniques that can quickly eliminate those conditioned responses so that your subconscious will lose the cravings for cigarettes, and the compulsion to smoke. As a matter of fact, you can even get a compulsion to reject the cigarettes.


In summation, by utilizing certain NLP methods, it becomes very easy to stop smoking without withdrawal or weight gain. And many of these methods do not even require post-hypnotic suggestions. They depend on programming the unconscious mind to use the same thought processes that the unconscious is using to create the addiction to cigarettes, to eliminate the mental addiction.

PostHeaderIcon Susceptibility To Hypnosis

A person’s susceptibility to hypnosis is dependent on several factors. Whether these factors work together or oppose each other is entirely in the hands of the individual.

There are factors that are outside of anyone’s control. They come down to the individual makeup of each person. For instance, if someone is naturally susceptible to suggestion in their everyday life, they likely will carry along that susceptibility in the hypnosis process as well. Everyone is susceptible to some degree, but this is one of the variable that will contribute to a person’s likelihood of achieving hypnosis easily.

But there are varying degrees of depth of hypnosis, and hypnotherapy doesn’t require a deep state of hypnosis. It can be beneficial at varying levels of depth. The self hypnosis CDs and downloads that I have produced are designed to take someone from a completely awake state into some degree of hypnosis.

Susceptibility to suggestion is also impacted by repetition. The more you hear a message, the more likely you will be to able accept is as fact, to buy into it, whether consciously or not. This is also true in everyday life.

Some people take to hypnosis quite effortlessly, while others need a bit more practice. Their degree of susceptibility might be influenced by other conditions around them, and they may find they need just exactly the right circumstances to achieve hypnosis.

But the most important contributor to someone’s susceptibility to hypnosis is really their attitude. If someone tries it and has immediate success, that’s terrific. But if the first time you listen to a hypnosis CD and you do not achieve hypnosis, some people will stop at that and conclude that it doesn’t work. That’s unfortunate, because if people are willing to commit to listening to the recordings regularly, and to finding the ideal conditions for themselves, they will achieve some degree of hypnosis, which will benefit them.

Hypnosis is about suggestion, and there is a degree of suggestion to all forms of therapy. If there are any prerequisites to qualify someone as a candidate for hypnosis, it’s attitude first and foremost. Sure other intellectual variances may factor in, like concentration and imagination, but they would likely affect the level of hypnosis, rather than the ability to achieve it in the first place.

PostHeaderIcon Overcoming Phobias Using Hypnosis

Phobia means fear of something. It is a kind of anxiety disorder which is defined as a persistent fear from any situation or object. It is not uncommon and it can be due to one of these sources. Firstly it is because of the personal traumatic experience and the second one is due to being afraid by any frightening thing like a frightening movie or by adopting oneself because of the parent’s reaction. Thirdly it is due to release of mechanism which pent up the anxiety and stemming. The main reason of phobia is because of the childhood’s experience of a person.

Overcoming Phobias Using Hypnosis

Phobia can be overcome easily and quickly by utilizing hypnosis. Phobia hypnosis is an extremely effective treatment to overcome phobia. For its treatment it needs 2 to 4 sessions to know the initial event which causes sensitizing in a patient and help the patient to overcome it efficiently and quickly without any problem . Usually many patients are surprised to find out that the main event that causes phobia does not have any direct connection to the fear; there is some other reason which is initially apparent. In this condition hypnosis is used as a treatment. By the treatment of hypnosis a patient is asked to remember about his/her past in their subconscious mind.

Hypnosis helps to manipulate the memories of a person so that their trauma which is attached to them is known due to which they come in terms with it. Some fears unfortunately leave a negative impact in a person’s life. In some cases the phobias can be paralyzing. Some people manifest their self in anxiety and if they left it untreated then these anxiety turn in to phobia. Anxiety hypnosis is used for its life changing and positive result. It gives instant relief from the terrors which control a person’s life.